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finally got a new computer»

finallt got a new computer so hopefully I’ll be back in business posting as soon as I figure out the new windows system.  later

Own a gun; lose your coverage!»

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus has something to say to gun owners:  “Own a gun; lose your coverage!”
Baucus’ socialized health care bill comes up for a Finance Committee vote on Tuesday.  We have waited and waited and waited for the shifty Baucus to release legislative language.  But he has refused to release anything but [...]

Outdoor News

The Dreaded Confirmation of Hydatid Disease in a Human in Northern Rocky Mountains Region»

*Editor’s Note* Below is a story obtained by the editor of The Outdoorsman, George Dovel, from a woman who was eventually diagnosed with hydatid disease. I first want to thank the victim for being willing to share a very personal and difficult event in her life with others. Secondly, I want to thank George Dovel [...]

Idaho and Montana prepare for wolf hunts»

By Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times April 24, 2011, 5:57 p.m. Reporting from Stanley, Idaho— It used to be you could look across the ridge from Ron Gillett’s house and a couple of dozen elk would be foraging for grass. Then you’d hear a scary kind of howling, and the elk would take off, a [...]

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  The world is expecting the antichrist to come in the near future. Will the antichrist announce his arrival when he gets here? An essence of evil surrounds the term antichrist, and evil rarely works openly. Instead, evil usually wears a facade of righteousness to cover its real character in order more easily to deceive. [...]

Social Justice and the Vatican»

      Social Justice, which is a social policy of the Holy SEE and Roman Catholic Church is a CODE WORD for a universal communist utopia run by the Jesuits and POPE. Alias terms used are … * economic justice * social justice * globalization * global justice * justice (singular) * wealth redistribution [...]