BARRY SOROS, Come-out, Come-out, Where Ever You Are…

When Barry changed his name, did he contrive to change it – alone, or did he have help searching for the perfect name for the perfect crime.

In the past, suspicion won the day for good reason to change your name. Someone I know changed their name because in english it meant penis. I am not sure what barry’s real name ever was or is going to be. It is odd that he changed it. It’s not against the law, yet. Of all the things to worry about in the country; in the world, what’s in a name change?

Movie stars desire names for their public to know them by and change certain things about their name. Whether it be the first or the last side of what you call yourself; It’s for show!

Barry, Barracko bama-dude might show up on the lot for some hoop as the name infers street-side.

Sotorro, Sorros could be anything from seamstress to bottle washer at the pub but for barry or barrack or whoever the acting man is in the white house, he had help in name-calling himself Barrack Hussien Obama.

There are references to his name coming from the Aramaic language that Christ spoke. Not origianlly, just made up for show and to scare the shit out of some who are familiar with end-times proficy but not proficient enough to call a spade a spade.

Profanation has come to America through the man with the made-up name in the white house. He is not alone. Others write for him, talk for him, make up fake case law and present them as origianl works that become more lies to refer to later; when it fits his particular needs.

Lawyers do that. Did you know lawyers, by US law, are not citizens of the United States of America? The hidden 13th Amendment to the Constitution; Titles and Nobilities Act renders lawyers unconstitutional to hold public office and BARRY SORROS, or SOTORRO is one and surrounds himself with illigals as well; our country is over-run with lawyers – illegal foreigners operating as our representatives in congress. What’s more we have unknowingly elected judges to the highest courts who are lawyers. They are illegal, foreigners operating in complete disregard of written law.

They need to go away; they are not citizens of the United States of America, no matter what you call yourself, Jack.

  • William Millsaps

    I call bullshit

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